The Upsidedown House exemplifies an approach focused on efficiencies across various facets including space utilization, material selection, construction processes, time management, and project scope. Situated in a rear suburban lot within the inner-city neighborhood of Northcote, Melbourne, the project was tasked with creating a dual occupancy dwelling that balanced desirability, comfort, affordability, and rental feasibility.

In response to the challenge posed by the narrow dimensions of the lot, our design solution reimagined the conventional two-story layout by inverting it, and positioning the living and kitchen areas on the upper level and the bedrooms below. This strategic arrangement capitalizes on neighborhood views and optimizes solar exposure for warmth in winter while facilitating cross ventilation for cooling during summer months. Furthermore, the upper level features a spacious private balcony for outdoor living, equipped with shading elements to mitigate summer heat and adorned with greenery through strategically placed vines. Meanwhile, the lower-level bedrooms maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year, benefiting from a heated concrete slab and providing access to a north-facing private decked courtyard.

Howes Constructions
Tobias Münch