The challenge of infusing light into a narrow, east-west-oriented urban site led to a counter-intuitive design approach, sacrificing floor space to maximize natural light. Through persuasive design sketches, scale models, and simulations, the clients embraced this strategy, leading to the creation of a striking 5-meter high internal void traversed by a skylight. A bespoke steel staircase integrates shelving and storage, connecting living and sleeping areas, while a fully glazed west-facing wall floods the space with light, complemented by a wooden shutter system for shade and privacy.

The layout features an open living/dining/kitchen area seamlessly integrated with distinct functional “boxes,” facilitating prefabrication and cost-effectiveness. This innovative approach harmonizes the home with its surroundings, effectively becoming an elegant insertion between boundary walls.

The towering void enhances spatial perception, serving as the residence’s focal point and embodying its essence. Witnessing the clients’ satisfaction with this unconventional yet remarkably effective design approach is the ultimate reward.

Keenan Built
Tobias Münch