We are a Melbourne-based design practice founded in 2016, that specializes in intelligent and sustainable solutions for residential, multi-residential, and commercial projects. Our portfolio boasts internationally recognized work, tailored to each site and context by our skilled architects and interior designers.

We are crafting livable, functional, and visually pleasing spaces, regardless of scale. Our approach is informed by extensive industry knowledge, ensuring a holistic design process. We employ a timeless palette of materials, focusing on intricate details to enhance the enduring quality of our environments. Sustainability is at the core of our practice, ensuring our designs not only captivate aesthetically but also align with environmental responsibility.

Tobias Münch

B.Eng. M.Arch | Director

Yaron Kanor

Interior Designer / Director

Ashleigh Lim

B.Arch. M.Arch | Registered Architect

Jesson Tan

B.Arch. M.Arch | Registered Architect

Milica Kostic

B.Arch. M.Arch. M.PM | Architect | Photographer