The client brief to transform a former boiler room and an adjacent outdoor space between two factory buildings into a hospitality venue with a brewery, beer hall, function room, and amenities. A full-height timber grid is the main architectural feature, visually linking the outdoor and indoor spaces. Internally it carries services such as lighting, AV, brewery mechanical equipment, beer pythons as well as planters as a secondary functional use. Externally the grid is used to support retractable roofs, translucent roofs, and walls. The central kitchen on the ground floor with amenities for patrons and staff located on the first floor divides the venue into the beer hall at the western and the function room on the eastern part of the building. The beer garden links both spaces along the northern periphery of the building. The beerhall staircase leads up onto a bridge above the brewery area. It links to the amenities area and offices and offers an elevated perspective of the beer hall as well as insight into the brewery area from a top.



MIC Projects
Derek Swalwell