Our very first multigenerational living project reached its completion in 2019, welcoming 3 generations under their new roof. For the senior members of the family, we embarked on a comprehensive renovation of the existing weatherboard house, making it not only more accessible but also adding modern and convenient bathrooms. Meanwhile, for the young family, we extended the house, which now includes a spacious lounge room and a communal kitchen that serves as a hub for the entire household.

One of the remarkable features of this home is its versatility. By simply closing the double doors at the end of the corridor, different sections of the house can be isolated for privacy, ensuring that everyone has their own personal space when needed. Our client invested in energy-efficient design, creating a super-insulated building envelope and incorporating a heated slab with ample thermal mass. Additionally, a 7-kilowatt solar array was installed, significantly reducing the overall running costs of the house and helping to maintain a warm and cozy atmosphere year-round. The south-facing skylights in the home have a striking effect, allowing a generous amount of natural light to stream in, creating a gallery-like ambience and drawing one’s focus upward into the vast expanse of the sky.

Keenan Built
Mel Kostic